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Showroom: 10am-3pm

Returns: 9am-12:30pm

Pick-ups: 9am-3pm

Party Palace Rentals, LLC

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Located in Forest Hill, MD

Local Office: 410-836-0085

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24/7 Emergency Services

Party Palace Rentals, LLC

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Tent Heating & Cooling

At Party Palace Rentals, LLC we understand that your event may require heating or cooling depending on the time of year and how many guests will be in attendance. We offer a variety of options to make your event a success!

*Some HVAC units require a generator to operate. Some heating offerings are not available for use under our tents.

Page Under Construction, Photos Coming Soon!


Patio Heaters (Mushroom Heater, 40,000 BTU)

Radiant Cocktail Table (16,000 BTU)

Propane Heater (40K, 80K, 170K BTU)

Air Conditioning

*All Orders with Air Conditioning Require Sidewalls

Air Conditioning Unit (9k, 10k BTU)

Air Conditioning 20 Ton Unit (238K BTU, Advanced Notice Required)


Versamist Misting Fan (18" Fan)

12" Mounted Fan (For Tent Use)